NXT 12/27/12

This is a review show of 2012.

First up is Seth Rollins winning the NXT title from Jinder Mahal.

Who else made an Impact this year?

Richie Steamboat. Audrey Marie. CJ Parker. Bo Dallas. Big E. Langston.

Ah, man. A Bray Wyatt promo? Fuck yeah. The boogeyman is real? Yeah, he is. And he has crazy girls with him now and a mug that says World’s Best Father. Ah man. I realize. There’s no way this gimmick can make it to the main WWE. I know it. But I can wish that it could.

They show Bray’s first match as well as another promo from him talking about the new year.

Kassius Ohno’s year is shown, as well as a promo in back. He looks like Varg on the gas. I love how he laughs and then just gets serious quickly.

CM Punk cuts a good promo on the future of WWE coming from NXT.

Big E. Langston’s year? A getting pretty good babyface. But now, he’s a heel feuding with John Cena. We’ll see how that goes. He’s not ready to do promos on his own yet. I love that NXT is like Memphis: Big E. is a face here, a heel in WWE.

Cory Graves attacked Seth Rollins last week. And next week, he has a shot at the NXT title.

COdy Rhodes vs. Kane in a singles match? Is that why we watch NXT?

The Shield breaks into the show at the end to set up next week’s show. Holy shit, Dean Ambrose is fucking amazing on promos. He seriously could have done promos in the golden territory age and drawn asses to seats.

So there you go. NXT got better this year. It’s even better when it’s less WWE guys and more of it’s own show. Hopefully, that keeps up.

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