Behind the Eightball

From Chris:

Iron Sheik has been tweeting about the NHL lockout, of all things.

And my favorite that I can’t find anywhere (posted December 20) “World end tomorrow because the Gary Bettman balls so small and he dumb jabroni.”

1. What other real life things would you love to see him tweet about?

Noah Panico: I hate the sheik so I could careless what he says about anything. But to play along and answer this question I’d like to read his tweets about getting boners when he wrestled hulk.

Sam Panico: I could care less about this.

Kris Erickson: Soup?

Kingdom James: Sheik’s tweets are done by his nephews, two Toronto-based party/wrestling promoters named Page and Jian Magen.

Ryan Clark: Dat a very very hexalent question. I’d love to hear his thoughts on the fiscal cliff deal.

Scotty Metropolis: Mexican restaurant reviews.

2. Of all his NHL lockout tweets, which is your favorite?

Noah Panico: None? Dude makes no sense and doesn’t he understand what he is tallying about.

Sam Panico: Hockey is not a major league sport any more. Oh, that was me.

Kris Erickson: I don’t know, I don’t follow the guy.

Ryan Clark: “NHL deserve german suplex and camel clutch”

Scotty Metropolis: The one where he cusses.

Ryan asks:

3. Paul Heyman wrote a nice little sentiment on the passing of independent wrestler DC Drake. Turns out DC Drake didn’t die. If you could bring back one (and only one) wrestler back from the grave, who would it be?

Noah Panico: Misawa. I’d do a zombie tiger mask gimmick with him.

Sam Panico: Steve Williams.

Kris Erickson: Billy Red Lyons

Kingdom James: Probably Chris Candido. Chris had really turned things around in his life. He deserved much better.

Ryan Clark: Eddie Guerrero.

Scotty Metropolis: The Undertaker.

Sam asks:

4. What’s your favorite blown spot ever?

Noah Panico: On botchamania when the guy tried to do the Phoenix arrow and impailed himself on top rope.

Sam Panico: I love each of them equally. But here is probably my favorite match of all time.

Kris Erickson: When Nathan Jones fucked up that kick.

Kingdom James: Without making a ridiculous day-long study of every episode of Botchamania, I’m going to say either Marek Brave’s shooting star press ON TO the top turnbuckle

-or- Charade nearly murdering himself with a double moonsault.

One is just silly. The other is one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched.

Ryan Clark: That top rope suplex from triangle man and america rock rock on that was on that tryout tape you had. I still have no idea what they were going for there.

Scotty Metropolis:

5. Who is your favorite CTL member who never writes for the site or even answers Eightball any more?

Noah Panico: I was going to go with me but once you said doesn’t answer 8ball I had to stop and think of who. Turns out too many people don’t answer them and I don’t want to close a favorite out of that many of my friends.

Sam Panico: All the people who write questions and don’t give answers.

Kris Erickson: Ang

Kingdom James: Jake

Ryan Clark: SJN

Scotty Metropolis: Chad Grimley or Waylon Thornton

6. What do you think Ric Flair will do for New Year’s Eve?

Noah Panico: Cry

Sam Panico: Turns out he hung out with the Hulkster, brother brother brother, brother. I am sure he cried.

Kris Erickson: Bang. Coke. not necessarily in that order.

Kingdom James: A mountain of blow and a local personal trainer who will, undoubtedly, become abusive wife #5.

Ryan Clark: Drink a bunch of light beer. Con some smark into loaning him $10k, leaving a fake Rolex as collateral. Propose to a stripper, thus getting his ass kicked by fifi when she finds out. Above all, lots of crying.

Scotty Metropolis: I like to hope that he elbow-dropped a champagne bottle.

7. Did you get any wrestling themed stuff for Christmas?

Noah Panico: Yes I got a new sin cara action force. You move his arm and it lights up and makes a noise. I love it.

Sam Panico: No.

Kris Erickson: No

Kingdom James: Nope

Ryan Clark: Not that I am aware of

Scotty Metropolis: No, but all the WWE Legends of Wrestling Roundtable DVDs that I
ordered arrived on Christmas week.

8. Who better than Kanyon?

Noah Panico: Meng? I don’t really understand the question.

Sam Panico: Karl Malone.

Kris Erickson: Mike Awesome.

Kingdom James: Nobody. Follow up question: who are you to doubt El Dandy?

Ryan Clark: EVERYBODY!!

Scotty Metropolis: Christy or Chris?

4 thoughts on “Behind the Eightball

  1. While that double-moonsault spot was pretty disgusting to watch, the part at the end where they ask for DONATIONS to help the fucking idiot that almost killed himself doing something he shouldn’t have even attempted to do right before our very eyes WAS pretty hilarious.

  2. Oh, also in typical indy fashion, he kicked out of the first pin attempt after completely destroying himself…and to NO reaction. The crowd didn’t even give a “proof of life” pop. How did this not happen in CZW?

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