Two weeks of NXT

12/5 NXT
Michael McGillicutty vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US title: Again, young Mr. Perfect is talked up while showing not a lot. Antonio is as good as he always is. I’m sorry, I am trying to get past my bias, but I just don’t care for McGillicutty.

Axl Keegan vs. Bo Dallas: They talk up this whole match about how Bo Dallas, wearing his grandfather’s black glove, loves pain. Then he challenges anyone from WWE, which is answered by Big Show. I already know how this ends up and I’ll rant about it next week.

Cory Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu: Leg destruction, setting up for the Fuller Leglock, or as it’s called here, The 13th Step. I like that Regal said, “He only knows four submissions, but that’s all you need.”

Roman Reigns vs. Gavin Reeves: Do you want to be a wrestler? Are you tall and muscular? Do you have family that were famous wrestlers? If you can answer the last two with a yes, then you should totally be a wrestler. Otherwise, keep playing Xbox.

Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Krueger: Tyson hits his wacky sharkshooter and Leo, surprisingly, taps. Kassisus Ohno comes out and they kick Tyson ass so bad that Regal gets up from the booth to make the save.

12/12 NXT
Paige vs. Sasha Banks: Paige is better than any girl on the roster now. She is also much hotter. They should release her immediately.

Oliver Grey takes on the second son of Bray Wyatt, who is on fucking fire this week. He screams at Grey, “Love allows me to stay immortal! I’m the eater of worlds, kid!” I, of course, lost my shit. He brings out a new big guy who kills Oliver, who sells, unlike when he worked Cory Graves.

Dusty cuts a total Dusty promo, saying, “It’s all gonna be cool, daddy.” Of course it is, you’re the Heartbeat of America.

Big Show accepts Bo Dallas’ challenge.

JInder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins: This is for the belt and it goes quite awhile. Seth is a pretty good babyface. Which means, when he got called up for The Shield, he was called up as a heel. Everyone talked about how great Big E. Langston was at having babyface fire. So, they called him up as a heel. Right after he won their belt. So. Yeah. Remember when this shit happened all the time in OVW?

Stupid idea: why not try and get over characters in developmental that guys can bring up to the big show? At this rate, Bray Wyatt is going to come up as a hot dog vendor.

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