NXT 11/28/2012

Dan Bryan starts the show off with a promo. It’s pretty darn good and oh hai, Kane. These dudes are in NXT for one night. They are the Daffy Duck to one another’s Bugs Bunny.

Oh yeah. We better take those shots of the Ascension out of the opening.

Baretta vs. Krueger: Trent is great at making guys look good. Krueger is tall and muscular. Who will do better in wrestling? You know it.

Xavier Woods, who no longer eats apples before matches, is up against Memo Montenero, or El Hermano de Alberto Del Rio. JR also talks about funk music. He’s also working on his PhD. He also does one of the wackiest moves that I have ever seen, a roll into a clothesline. Then, he dances.

Audrey Marie vs. Emma with BLACK REF (or if he was an American black metal band, BLCKRF) is next. Audrey wins. Anything more that I write about this match gives it some legitimacy.

Roman Reigns sends a pun-filled PR release. PR is the last thing I want to think of when I watch wrestling.

Mike Tenay comes out to Kerwin White’s old music. Shit never goes away.

Face to face between Jinder and Seth. Face to face and back to back, you see and feel my sex attack. SING IT!

Also: Jinder threatened to “humble” him.

Wrestling. It’s kinda gay, y’all.

Michael McGillicutty/James Curtis vs. Team Hell No is the main event. Oh. Shit. That’s Fandango. Kane has no pyro. I guess his powers need pyro to be set up, so one would ass/Users/spanico/Desktop/WWE.NXT.2012.11.28.HDTV.x264-Ebi.mp4ume that with no pyro and no entrance music of his own, he would be at a disadvantage.

Anyways. It was a tag match. I realize this is a simplistic explanation. But it was a basic, nothing good nor bad match. McGillicutty has continued to not impress me. Oh well.

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