WWE Main Event 11/14/12

All kinds of set up for the tag title defense later in the show. Recap of RAW, with Miz and Kane teaming, leads into a interview with Hell No who are of course arguing. Kane walks off, and Bryan gets attacked by the Rhodes Scholars. They show a freaking awesome video package hyping both teams, then for the first time in forever, the challengers actually come to the ring before the champs. Seriously, when was the last time a champ came out second? Bryan is medically cleared to compete, selling a rib injury from the earlier attack. Hell No cleans house on the Scholars before the bell rings, things settle down and we’re off with Kane and Cody starting. Kane just did a side headlock takedown. I’ve never seen that before. Rhodes took a really strange, bad looking bump off of a backdrop landing right on his head/neck/shoulder region. He seems to be in bad-ish shape, but it could just be a really good sell job. Kind of doubting it though, as the match goes to an ad break. Huh, the original Pink Ranger is on a show with Veronica Mars’ dad. Back to the match, Cody is on the apron, looking pretty bad, while Sandow and Bryan one up each other in the ring. Bryan makes the tag, Kane comes in, knocks Rhodes off the apron, chokeslams Sandow, tags Bryan who finishes Sandow off with a sweet diving headbutt.

Matt Striker, rocking a total sleaze ‘stache, asks Bryan if he can get along with Miz. Kane tells him his answer should be “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan says “NO! NO! NO!” Miz comes out from behind the announce table, offers his hand, Bryan has a change of heart by one upping the handshake by offering to hug it out. Miz balks at this idea, goes back to commentary. I’m starting to like Miz, and I think they can do a lot with him as face, if he changes his behavior and moves away from being a too cool douche. I was kind of hoping he would’ve turned at the last Wrestlemania, leading Team Teddy to victory. But that didn’t happen. Holla.

Ziggler’s on to hype the 5 on 5 Survivor Series match. He gets into it, verbally, with Miz, and they set up next week’s Main Event. I guess they’re in Cleveland. You wouldn’t know it though, Ziggler gets in a dig at the Browns, this gets him almost zero heat because that city knows their teams sucks and by now they just accept it.

Hey look at that, Santino has a quick little comedy match with Patonga. Poor David, will his star ever get a chance to shine? Santino with the Cobra 1-2-3. The hsow ends with Cole and Miz talking about something, probably next week’s show, I’m not sure though because my DVR cut them off.

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