Smackdown: Does Foley add anything to this?

Here is the sad truth: Selling multi man tag matches in America is tough. The audience wants to see one on one. They will accept tag. Matches, but slow down the pace or excitement at all and you lose the crowd. Six man tags are special event and Survivor series matches… well, they happen once a year for a reason.

This, like a frozen pizza, you gotta sprinkle on a little cheese to add some flavor. Thus… all of the good guys hate at least one other guy on the team. OOOOOH feel the tension? Who will betray who? Titillating, isn’t it? In an odd twist, they throw a wild card into the heel side of things too. AdR doesn’t play well with other, but overall Team Ziggler is more cohesive.

So Miz is doing his talk show to set all of this up. Miz is over… cuz he is in Cleveland. Hometown boy gets the pop that he should. Mind you, he isn’t a face yet, so he is arrogant. However, he is slowly turning, so he is loyal to the crowd.

Damien Sandow got a non title win over the IC camp, Kofi Kingston. His offense before the schoolboy pin? A kick to the knee. Something fell apart at the end. I can’t imagine that is how the match was planned to end.

Ladies 3 on three. They never show ladies heel turn or face switches. You just see the ladies on the other side of the ring and they are now heel or face. Kaitlyn his the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. All of the talent was on the face side, so you just can’t expect a lot out of this.

Randy Orton doesn’t get along with anyone… especially the Miz. He is the top face of your program. Whatever, he gets a good pop. The crowd was into it and Miz’s offense was cheered like I have rearely heard it cheered. Miz did the “tag himself in for the finish” nbit… so of course he ate the RKO after. While they love the Miz in the Cle, they aren’t above erupting with cheers when Orton hits an RKO on their hometown hero. YAY FACES!!

Sheamus gets kicked out of Smackdown. So he tweets pictures of a pint glass where they poured beer into it and then dumped some out. The coating of foam on the pint meant that they beer didn’t sit in the glass very long. The level of suds suggested a nitrogenated draft, a la Guinness. However, the foam only lasts for a minute after it is poured. A proper patty lets his pint settle before drinking it. Thus, they were dumping beer out and taking pictures., using it as a timer until Sheamus show sup again “unannounced.”

Don’t lie to me about Guinness, WWE.

The Match I most wanted to see, Barrett v. Kane, didn’t happen. Team Ziggler immediately besieged Kane and Team Foley came into the rescue. I liked that Barrett tweeted after that he had no idea what that was about &s he could have handled Kane on his own. Good use of social media. Miz was the last one there and never cane down. He stood on the ramp, selling his head from his RKO. I am fine with that. If you ant tension, that is a good way to build it. Plus, someone sells a move after a match? Genius!!

Cesaro beat Cara in a match that didn’t feel important, despite Cesaro having a belt. Cesaro easily won and R-Truth, tried to get everyone to chant USA! USA! And it didn’t really go over. Dear People Republic of Cleveland: When someone starts a jingoist USA chant, you ALL join in. No questions asked.

Big show took on a large waling tree from Lord of the Rings. Oh, wait, that was Khali. My bad. He won and then Sheamus was on Big Show’s bus looking for a fight. So Show doesn’t lock his bus? Anyway, they throw each other through auto glass and Big show wins and then Sheamus wins.

I can’t say any of this sold the PPV for me. I mean, I applaud tha they at least tried to market toward it, but nothing happened that made me need to see the next step.


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