Just here and there…

* So with Big Jer out of commission for a bit, there are lines in vegas on who will be replacing him. The big two beign discussed aer JR, who apparently has been seen in Bastahn, and JBL, who is suppsoed to be trainng to climb Kilamanjaro for charity. A third report, coming straight from the desk of Nmoah, says that Mongo will be the second voice on commentarry for the NoC.

* New Jack got his Twitter account suspended for calling Jerry Lawler a racist & making a comment about wanting to piss on Lawler’s grave once he dies. While I disagree with New Jack’s comments, I fully support his right to have them heard. If he wants to send us a manifesto on it, we will be happy to publish it here. WordPress aren’t nearly the jack-booted thugs that Twitter appear to be. And sure, while this appears to be an ever-vigilent first ammendemnt defender, it is really a plea to get New Jack to give us some hit bait.

* Cena will be wearing pink tonight. Feel free to send all slurs and derisions to noah@countingthelights.com

* ROH had another iPPV meltodown last night. I wish I had a joke here. They have a locker room that is fantastic and a great booker. They have a legend serving as a figurehead. The problem is they need to hire some technologists and they need to do it quick. It’s either that or eat crow with gofightlive. The damage may be irreversible at this point. I would imagine there is a meeting on Monday and some “hire and fire” type decisions are made. If you want to be viewed as a national company, you can’t keep making errors like this.

Anyone watching NoC tonight?


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I am a pretty small cog in the wrestling machine. I work locally here in Pittsburgh as a commentator. I have done a tour of Japan as an announcer and manager. I am the biggest mark of the group, and I openly admit it. Oh, and my dad is Harley Race.

One thought on “Just here and there…

  1. Regal needs to be King’s replacement. That would be incredible.

    The more I hear about Tammy Sytch’s recent activities, the less crazy New Jack seems.

    I’m wondering if Cornette will get a “Cornette face” on the next Botchamania.

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