Mania “prop” Update

Time to put your wrestling knowledge to the test. It’s a PPV so you know it’s $5 to play. Winner get$ bragging right$… So far only Jeff is participating remotely. PayPal me and put your phone number we will call you Sunday. So far it’s matches and these props.
1. new feature pick the match order. You will be challenged to not only pick the winner but pick what match number it will be on the show.
2. Who legend will be there.
3. What star will be seen at ringside.
4. CTL approved best of’s. (botch, worker, match, etc.)

And more to come.

be a meng, put $ in my hand

One thought on “Mania “prop” Update

  1. I just got off the phone with Sam and I don’t even remember my picks. Im pretty sure I contradicted myself w/ some pics. Next time I wont pick while driving. Yes, I’m already making excuses.

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