Time for $ome Action

Ok PPV tomorrow so that means a few things.

1. If you want to come talk to Sam. If you are a regular house guest just come over anytime after 3.
2. New PPV podcast and post on Monday.
3. Live tweets during the show. #vintageCTL #ctlisdefinitely3ofmyfav5
4. Game$ of Chance. If you want action email Sam or me for details.

One thought on “Time for $ome Action

  1. I know it might be a little early, but do you guys have any plans set up yet for ‘Mania? I might like to get in on that when that comes around. I should be getting fir…ummm, quitting one job by the end of March, which opens up my availability at the OTHER job, thus making it possible to get a rare Sunday off.

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