So anyways, Kane…


If you think WWE sucks now, well, what if I told you they once replaced Razor Ramon with Rick Bogner, once known as Big Titan to about 35 people in the US? And what if I told you Kane was Diesel? And what if I told you that they thought this runs would work? And what if I told you that Jim Ross managed him as a disgruntled ex-employee?

My question to you is: How would the world have been different if fake Diesel actually got over? Who would have been Kane?

2 thoughts on “So anyways, Kane…

  1. I’m assuming Vince was thinking his usual “People like what I tell them to like! Hall and Nash weren’t Over! Razor Ramon and Diesel were over!” If memory serves, the crowd shit on it and they were relegated to jobbing quickly in an attempt to weaken the image of the real Hall and Nash.

    My guess is that if the fake Diesel actually did get over, there wouldn’t have been a Kane. I really think that Kane just came about as a “What do we do with Glen now?” kind of deal.

    I like to think that Max Moon was the Undertaker’s real brother. He burned the house down and fled to outer space. Then there wouldn’t have been Konnan, and that’s not such a bad deal.

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