Really, Dave #48: Explain please

From the Battleground report on the site: RUSEV VS. JACK SWAGGER

Lana talked forever. Boy are they stalling. She got way less heat than usual. She talked about the news with American propaganda. The mention of Putin got some heat but it was like this audience just wasn’t taking her seriously at all.

She slapped Lana and the match was on.

Who is she? Lana was the only female out there. Did he mean Lana slapped Zeb?

Not much of a match. There were USA chants and We the People chants. Rusev won via count out as Swagger had the Patriot lock on him on the floor. Rusev flipped out of it and Swagger flew into the post and was “knocked out” and Swagger jumped in the ring to win.

Who won the match? He starts the report by saying that Rusev won, yet Swagger got knocked out and then jumped in the ring to win.

Look, you’re THE wrestling site in the world.

Be better than this.

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