Behind the Eight Ball

1. Ron Garvin
Scotty Metropolis: Terrible, but awesome.

Brian Krasman: Miss Atlanta Lively. Flair wanted to bone a dude (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Noah Panico: Always dressed in drag.

Sam Panico: I loved when he would move the ref out of the way before he kicked someone’s ass. Also, he got hard from stretching dudes. Also, he dressed as a woman. Doesn’t matter. Still fucking love him. I was sold on an angle a few weeks ago by being told I was the Ronnie Garvin in this situation.

Kris Erickson: Hands of Stone. Also, he was One Man Gang before One Man Gang. Also, Jimmy Garvin’s step-dad.

Ryan Clark: The garvin stomp. It was like someone finally streamlined stomping the shit out of someone.

2. Jimmy Garvin
Scotty Metropolis: Awesome, but terrible.

Brian Krasman: The fucking hairspray

Noah Panico: His Dad always dressed in drag. And Jimmy now a days looks nothing like he did in the 80s.

Sam Panico: Washed a Von Erich dog.

Kris Erickson: Fake Freebird. Also, Cocaine. Also, Ron Garvin’s step-son.

Ryan Clark: Turned good once Ronnie caught a fireball. He’s a freebird, what’s your excuse?

3. Terry Garvin
Scotty Metropolis: Terrible, and horny.

Brian Krasman: Wanted to bone dudes (See Ron Garvin).

Noah Panico: He had his own wrestling school and had a very impressive stable of graduates.

Sam Panico: I was talking about the one from Global.

Kris Erickson: There were two. One was a pedohpile, the other just looked like one.

Ryan Clark: I only know him from the ring boy scandal.

4. Ron Bass
Scotty Metropolis: Awesome. I once broke out a whip when I was losing a fight to my big brother as a child. My boy Marcus witnessed it & made an Outlaw Ron Bass reference… So that makes him awesom.

Brian Krasman: Cut up Beefcake’s face with the spurs. Got censored by the dreaded X.

Noah Panico: In your Face and huge NWA heel to WWF jobber in 2 weeks.

Sam Panico: In your face. Treated Beefcake like a Peter Murphy song.

Kris Erickson: Always shocked when I’d see him as a babyface.

Ryan Clark: I find it funny that a guy with the last name that is a homonym of “Herd” went with a fake last name for a cowboy gimmick.

5. Black Bart
Scotty Metropolis: I remember him being a big deal in WCCW (and maybe Mid-South), but a jobber everywhere else.

Brian Krasman: Ralphie Parker’s arch-enemy

Noah Panico: Former NWA huge heal to World Class Jobber in a year.

Sam Panico: Not Black. But named Bart. Black Bart.

Kris Erickson: Ditto.

Ryan Clark: I remember his names from old wrestling mags, but i dont really remember him wrestling. he was really fat, right?,

6. The Cole Twins
Scotty Metropolis: I don’t remember them, even after googling them… Fuck them.

Brian Krasman: Thought they did better as the band Nelson

Noah Panico: I know the name but I don’t remember them or where they wrestled.

Sam Panico: By now, Scott is running out of ways to make his cute all answers have the same form thing going. The joke has run thin. Oh, the Cole Twins? They were twins that never did twin magic.

Kris Erickson: Keith and Kent. I liked watching them get beat up by Tex and Shanghai. Also, one of them had a good jobber feud with Bob Cook.

Ryan Clark: no idea

7. Blackjack Mulligan
Scotty Metropolis: Lariats & Clawholds

Brian Krasman: Killer vests

Noah Panico: The 2nd greatest big meng ever and my 4th favorite machine.

Sam Panico: I’ve really been getting into Blackjack lately.

Kris Erickson: Barry’s dad. Fake money.

Ryan Clark: Father of Barry.

8. Billy Gunn
Scotty Metropolis: “He’s deceptively large” – Jim Ross… He also had the most pathetic double-bicep pose in wrestling.

Brian Krasman: Stole Kramer’s “assman” gimmick

Noah Panico: Isn’t he Mr. Ass?

Sam Panico: A force to be reckoned with in WWE13.

Kris Erickson: I got two words for ya. OK, that was six words. Fuck you and fuck him. He teamed with Jeff Jarrett in Fire Pro D.

Ryan Clark: The one. He likes to stick ’em. He likes to lick ’em.

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