Behind the Eightball

From Scott:

1. Who do you think will win the WWE championship briefcase at MItB?

Noah Panico: John Cena

Sam Panico: Daniel Bryan

Kris Erickson: Daniel Bryan

Scotty Metropolis: Dan B.

2. And the World title briefcase?

Noah Panico: Sin Cara

Sam Panico: It’s always Rikishi.

Kris Erickson: Fandango.

Scotty Metropolis: Dunno. Nobody seems ready.

3. Which hot chick from those shows on USA network that they constantly advertise do you want to bang the most?

Noah Panico: I don’t watch USA so I don’t know what shows they have.

Sam Panico: Mitzi Kapture.

Kris Erickson: The spy who always looks worried.

Scotty Metropolis: Piper Perabo

4. Do me a favor and answer a question I didn’t even ask. And make it about Dan Spivey or Huey Lewis.

Noah Panico: I think Robert Fuller was a better manager for Dan Spivey then he was Huey Lewis. Granted his career was never big, but deciding to team him with Sid and be the masters of the powerbomb was a respark for his career. As for Huey Lewis I don’t think Parker could get them any tour dates outside of some ribfests.

Sam Panico: Huey Lewis had a perfect math SAT score, while Waylon Mercy’s test scores are unknown.

Kris Erickson: My dad’s sister married a guy named Hue.

Scotty Metropolis: Huey apparently has the biggest dick in show business… Waylon Mercy was the best gimmick ever.

5. Would you rather be Kamala-diabetic or Patrice O’Neil-diabetic?

Noah Panico: Patrice O’Neil. 1 you have feet and I always hear how broke Kimala is so I can’t think Patrice is that poor.

Sam Panico: Dead. Not gay. Not in jail. With legs.

Kris Erickson: Patrice. I’d rather be dead than have no feet.

Scotty Metropolis: Maybe Patrice. I have desire to live legless

6. Sting vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. Will it happen?

Noah Panico: I want it to but it won’t. It has been a rumor for about 15 years now.

Sam Panico: It won’t, sadly.

Kris Erickson: I wish, but probably not because Sting is a jerk. At this point, I’d rather him sign a legends contract, just so we could get a Sting DVD set.

Scotty Metropolis: I think it will.

7. I’m asking this before they debuted, but what did you think of the Wyatt Family’s debut?

Noah Panico: I could care less.

Sam Panico: It was awesome.

Kris Erickson: The crowd sucked with their “Husky Harris” chants, and they wasted Kane’s stretcher job on their website, other than that I loved it.

Scotty Metropolis: Not bad at all. The announcers a ting like it was a murder scene killed it a bit.

Sam asks:

8. Matt Bourne, dead at 55. Were you shocked?

Noah Panico: Yes I was shocked he made it that long and I was shocked he wasn’t found dead a few days after it happened.

Sam Panico: A guy on drugs for twenty years who is a wrestler made it past 50? I was shocked.

Kris Erickson: Not really. One time at the Shelby, he, “It’s all bullshit.”

Scotty Metropolis: Shocked like a hand buzzer!

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