Behind the Eightball

1. Stan Lane
Super Giant Ninja: Saturday Night’s Main Event

Noah Panico: One of the worst announcers ever.

Sam Panico: Rough hewn gay.

Chris Wood: great replacement for Condrey in midnight express.

Ryan Clark: the guy who wasn’t beautiful bobby

Jason Kernats: I thought he worked out well with Bobby Eaton. He sucked when he came to the WWF to announce.

Kris Erickson: Savate kicks and hair plugs.

Scotty Metropolis: Stay in your Lane.

2. Steve Keirn
Super Giant Ninja: Alligator claw

Noah Panico: One of the gayest ever.

Sam Panico: Gaying it up in Jerry Jarrett’s pool.

Chris Wood: Skinner

Ryan Clark: A fantastic

Jason Kernats: Gatorbreaker.

Kris Erickson: The gator.

Scotty Metropolis: Children of the Keirn.

3. Bugsy McGraw
Super Giant Ninja: Texas

Noah Panico: I know the name but don’t remember him at all. I bet Jake liked him.

Sam Panico: Babyface weirdness personified.

Chris Wood: Dusty’s autobiography (I am reading it now and he was mentioned on the pages I read last night)

Ryan Clark: that movie with Scott Baio?

Jason Kernats: He was funny. I don’t really know what else to say

Kris Erickson: Went back and forth between badass and retard.

Scotty Metropolis: McGrawsome

4. Jimmy Valiant
Super Giant Ninja: Glass bottom boat

Noah Panico: I never knew this but he was the star of the B show. I liked him and I liked how he called him Shavago.

Sam Panico: The “come to papa” tattoo.

Chris Wood: that barbed wire tattoo on his head

Ryan Clark: he looked like ZZ Top.

Jason Kernats: Bald-Headed Geek. And when I ran into him at a show several years back, I hardly even recognized him.

Kris Erikson: Boogie Woogie Man who advertised Memphis radio in Japan

Scotty Metropolis: Valiant Thorr is one of the most amazing live bands on the planet. Seriously, people of Pittsburgh, you need to check them out.

5. Giant Gonzales
Super Giant Ninja: Tufts

Noah Panico: One of my favorites because of the outfit. But that said I liked El Gigante later and good for Ted Turner turning a bad NBA draft pick into a wrestler.

Sam Panico: Almost feuded with Hulk Hogan.

Chris Wood: a giant ewok (that furry suit)

Ryan Clark: huge and no talent. Perfect for pro wrestling.

Jason Kernats: Body suit

Kris Erickson: Wanted the belt.

Scotty Metropolis: Once (actually about a thousand times), me and my boy Big Tom were drunk & coked up, watching informercials & we decided to send a bunch of religious propaganda to my friend Ray Contreras’ house, but we were so wasted that we couldn’t think of his last name. So when his packages arrived, they were labeled “Bigray Gonzales”… True story.

6. Big John Studd
Super Giant Ninja: Went to the same Neal Diamond concert as my parents

Noah Panico: BJS. My favorite BJS moment is when he took the atomic drop in the soaked ring in Puerto Rico. That was classic.

Sam Panico: Abortive babyface push.

Chris Wood: Andre stole his and Heenan’s $15K at Wrestlemania

Ryan Clark: had no idea he died that long ago.

Jason Kernats: He was from Butler.

Kris Erikson: Cut Andre’s hair.

Scotty Metropolis: He kept all that money in the duffel bag. Andre only threw like $37 to the crowd.

7. Jimmy Garvin
Super Giant Ninja: Gloves

Noah Panico: Always dressed like a lady… Suspect.

Sam Panico: My precious…

Chris Wood: I have to watch the two tag matches i downloaded from Montreal between he and Ronnie and the Rougeaus. thanks for the reminder…

Ryan Clark: turned face when Ronnie got fire balled.

Jason Kernats: Also looks unrecognizable now.

Kris Erickson: Fake Freebird. Cocaine. Sunshine was his cousin.

Scotty Metropolis: He made that bitch wash his dog.

8. Gary Hart
Super Giant Ninja: Asians

Noah Panico: Over hyped booker. Someone else said that and I agree. If he was really that smart with the book why didn’t he ever make it to NY?

Sam Panico: Bad teeth, great manager.

Chris Wood: one of the best manager’s ever.

Ryan Clark: managed Muta.

Jason Kernats: I want to read his book.

Kris Erickson: Straight cold blooded.

Scotty Metropolis: He used to snap holes in donuts with that one tooth.

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