Behind the 8 Ball

1. Brutus Beefcake

Scotty Metropolis: I’m not sure he ever had a decent match.

Sam Panico: Dizzy Hogan

Ryan Clark: The dream team with Greg Valentine. Their feud with the US express was one of my earliest memories of wrestling.

Noah Panico: When zodiac was in the back of the monster truck.

Kris Erikson: Nicolas Cage and John Travolta starred in a movie about him.

Jason Kernats: One of my least favorite wrestlers throughout my entire time as a fan – I never liked him. Once I met him, I liked him even less.

2. Ken Patera

Scotty Metropolis: “I slayed MCs back in the Rec-Room era. My style broke motherfucking backs like Ken Patera.” – GZA

Sam Panico: World’s Strongest Man

Ryan Clark: Freaked out at McDonalds and they tried to do an angle about it. The fuck was the original WMS doing at a Mickey Ds?

Noah Panico: His LJN figure was purple.

Kris Erikson: As much as he hates Burger King, he hates lady cops even more.

Jason Kernats: McDonald’s

3. Dennis Condrey

Scotty Metropolis: Sexy

Sam Panico: The original Loverboy

Ryan Clark: I remember Sweet Stan more than Loverboy Dennis. Both were the other guy in the Midnight Express.

Noah Panico: Wore the same bandana as Ang does when he gets a haircut!


Kris Erikson: Better than Stan Lane

Jason Kernats: He looked old when I was a kid. Now he’s in better shape than Bobby Eaton.

4. Nikita Koloff

Scotty Metropolis: So fucking awesome

Sam Panico: Back then, limited. Today, versatile.

Ryan Clark: Didn’t speak English in public for years to get his gimmick over. Weird to see him speak English now.

Noah Panico: Sha-toe-a-tie and that CTL episode.

Kris Erikson: Killed by Vader

Jason Kernats: Shitoah Taaa

5. Pez Whatley

Scotty Metropolis: Underrated

Sam Panico: Asteroid Butt Butt

Ryan Clark: Pistol. That is about it.

Noah Panico: Pistol Pez and he was on the Saturday night at 1130 show exclusively. Plus I liked the Star of David. You think he is a 5%

Kris Erikson: Cut the Boogie Woogie Man’s hair. Said hi to us in Johnstown.

Jason Kernats: Used to see him set up the WCW rings in the 90s and he’d mark out when people noticed him. And Shaska was awesome.

6. The Patriot

Scotty Metropolis: The Santa Claus of Independence Day.

Sam Panico: Uncle Slam

Ryan Clark: Whoever bought the gimmick.

Noah Panico: He got screwed by Tom Brandy for the gimmick.

Kris Erikson: I liked him before he turned into Tom Brandi.

Jason Kernats: Krac got someone to go up and ask Patriot Tom Brandi if he was Del Wilkes and he said yeah.

7. One Man Gang

Scotty Metropolis: Akeem The African Dream, eating all that yardbird with my man The Slickster

Sam Panico: A brutal LJN vinyl weapon

Ryan Clark: He went to Deepest, Darkest Africa and found his roots. I feel racist just typing that.

Noah Panico: He had Kerry’s name on his head. He also should do the Indy circuit as One Man Akeem and do split outfit and hair. He could charge double.

Kris Erikson: Secret African.

Jason Kernats: I always liked him.

8. Dick Murdoch

Scotty Metropolis: Shirtless, drinking Kers Light, Coldbeer in the snow… Roll tape.

Sam Panico: Allow me to share why I love him.

Ryan Clark: I always confuse him with Dick Slater for some reason. Hard to keep my dicks straight. What? Why is everyone snickering?

Noah Panico: He was in that awesome picture with Ted Turner. Other than that I hate him.

Kris Erikson: Half naked in the snow, drinking “KERS LIGHT COLD BEER!”

Jason Kernats: One guy I wish hadn’t died, I would have liked to have seen him work on an indy show or something. It would have been awesome to see him in there with someone who didn’t deserve to be in the ring and see what he would do to them.

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