Behind the 8 Ball

1. The Goon

Super Giant Ninja: Hockey

Kingdom James: 20 years as a cowboy and the make him a hockey players. And those god awful skate-boots.

Kris Erikson: Scott “Hog”‘s brother.

Ryan Clark: A purely brawling character should have worked. It should have…

Noah Panico: Don’t remember him.

Sam Panico: Long and short legged AWA figures.

Jason Kernats: He was around forever and this was the best Vince could come up with? It made me wonder when they brought in all of those guys and gave them stupid gimmicks if they were more interested in making money or just trying to humiliate people. Oh and he was probably the only wrestler ever to have boots that were to look like skates.

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

2. Sam Houston

Super Giant Ninja: Skinny, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ brother.

Kingdom James: Brother of Jake the Snake and Rockin’ Robin. Skinniest son of a bitch ever.

Kris Erikson: He wanted to be the life of the party.

Ryan Clark: Him feuding with Danny Davis in the WWE for a month?

Noah Panico: That Lord Alfred sample about him.

Sam Panico: Dancing. Raped by Jake’s dad.

Jason Kernats: He was one of those guys I never really got into. And was related to Jake.

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

3. Luna

Super Giant Ninja: First weird boner I ever had.

Kingdom James: Good worker, terrible voice. It’s a shame she’s gone

Kris Erikson: Raped Deek.

Ryan Clark: Luna had no problem looking like a monster in a business where women were expected to look like Victoria’s Secret models.

Noah Panico: Deek did her.

Sam Panico: Mrs. Deek

Jason Kernats: She was a great person who I got to know a little bit. I hadn’t seen her for years and I always wanted to run into her again and unfortunately never got the chance. I just ran into Gangrel a few months back and we were talking about the time he thought I was boning Luna and he was ready to rip off my head. I didn’t think he’d remember. (For the record, I never did).

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

4. Tommy Dreamer

Super Giant Ninja: Eating hair.

Kingdom James: Once told me that the way I stomped on Dominic Denucci in a match looked like a barefoot man kicking a rattlesnake. As if I was going to stiff-kick a 72 year old man!

Kris Erikson: Pants shit

Ryan Clark: Married a HOT porn star.

Noah Panico: Suspenders.

Sam Panico: Crying. Pooping.

Jason Kernats: I know what Sam and Brian will put here. I’ll put that he was my dad’s favorite wrestler in ECW.

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

5. The Power Plant

Super Giant Ninja: Craig Pittman

Kingdom James: They could have just called it “The Napoleon Complex”

Kris Erikson: The Leprechaun

Ryan Clark: Lazy Larry from the CoC claimed he had been trained there.

Noah Panico: They used to do 300 sit ups a day.

Sam Panico: Goldberg.

Jason Kernats: Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker. And seeing videos of a bunch of guys who didn’t even look like they could be jobbers doing calisthenics.

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

6. The Headbangers

Super Giant Ninja: Skirts

Kingdom James: once gave a locker room lecture in Detroit (ICW circa 1996) about how using your arm to protect yourself on a chair shot made you “a fuckin’ pussy”.

Kris Erikson: Beaver Cleavage

Ryan Clark: Their failed run in ROH b/c they were in the middle of a change of power with who had the book.

Noah Panico: Deek loved them but I don’t remember them either.

Sam Panico: Non-metal shirts.

Jason Kernats: I heard that they did a locker room gimmick where the one would puke and the other would eat it. Anyone else ever hear this?

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

7. Hercules Hernandez

Super Giant Ninja: Who?

Kingdom James: Always needed a tan.

Kris Erikson: The in shape Assassin

Ryan Clark: As a kid, I remember thinking that he was HUUUUUGE. Just bigger than anyone I also remember my dad mocking the full nelson, saying all someone had to do to get out was sit down.

Noah Panico: Main event of mania 1 with Billy Jack Hayes

Sam Panico: Pink.

Jason Kernats: LJN Figure

Scotty Metropolis: Fucking Awesome As Fuck!

8. George South

Super Giant Ninja: Ummm…

Kingdom James: How is he still going after all this time?

Kris Erikson: Ran those shows in WV with the Itallian “World’s Spaghetti Eating Champion” Stallion.

Ryan Clark: Master of the resting high angle inverted Irish whip. (Don’t remember him at all)

Noah Panico: Was he a jobber for WCW?

Sam Panico: Found Jesus.

Jason Kernats: Well respected enhancement talent. And another in the long list of wrestlers who has found Jesus.

Scotty Metropolis: Stupid

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