Behind the Late Ball

1. Tenay_display_image

Super Giant Ninja: Was vaguely interesting when he came to WCW. Got stale with a quickness. Makes shows unwatchable.

Ryan Clark: He should have been hung for what he did in Dachau… oh wait, that was Hilmar Wackerle. Tenay is just a fuck for working at TNA. More and more, it seems like the “Professor” just doesn’t know jack shit. He always calls moves wrong in Play by Play.

Noah Panico: He calls that a quebrada. Plus he is bullsh*t.

Sam Panico: Always been bullshit.

Kris Erickson: the Insider

Kingdom James The Professor. He’s great but I get annoyed whenever he puts on his angry voice to chastise a heel.

Brian Krasman: That Lucha PPV in 95

Scotty Metropolis: Collecting a paycheck.

2. ultimo-dragon

Super Giant Ninja: Trained better guys than he ever was. The Mike Quackenbush of Japan. I still have a CIMA VHS tape. I have no Ultimo Dragon matches.

Ryan Clark: Was a dick to Colt Cabana. Fell at WrestleMania XX. Seemed like a slow luchadore, but I always liked him.

Noah Panico: Slip flop and fly

Sam Panico: He had 9 belts, but also slipped in MSG.

Kris Erickson: His Quebrada

Kingdom James: He used to straighten my tie before every NWE show in Spain. Love this guy.

Brian Krasman: One of the biggest wasted WWE signings ever. Seriously, they can fuck up anything.

Scotty Metropolis: All those damb belts.

3. actor_4425

Super Giant Ninja: 1-800-CALL-ATT

Ryan Clark: Tony the Tiger.

Noah Panico: Stagerlee. One of our favorites and most hated.

Sam Panico: Noah’s enemy.

Kris Erickson: Tony the Tiger and Road Reports

Kingdom James: Road Report!!!

Brian Krasman: 5 rainbows

Scotty Metropolis: Terrible, terrible, terrible. And those terrible road reports.

4. images

Super Giant Ninja: All I know of the Dr., I know from the podcasts that Curt and Alfredo do. Sounds like a character.

Ryan Clark: Televangelist?

Noah Panico: Dead

Sam Panico: The blood is going to flow. Like water. Through the streets.

Kris Erickson: Blood Guts and Thunder

Kingdom James: Worst family doctor ever.

Brian Krasman: Wasn’t he Vince McMahon Jr.’s favorite wrestler?

Scotty Metropolis: The GrahamFather?

5. les thatcher at mike

Super Giant Ninja: Shark Boy and Rory Fox.

Ryan Clark: He has a wrestling school and pedophile glasses.

Noah Panico: Useless old guy who was worth nothing in his career but yet indy wrestlers worship the ground he walks on.

Sam Panico: He’s funny on that podcast. Told me my original gimmick sucked and look where I am now.

Kris Erickson: SMW commentator

Kingdom James: Uncle Les is a great guy and an amazing trainer.

Brian Krasman: Ohio Valley, when WWE used to cultivate young talent that went somewhere

Scotty Metropolis: Trainer/Glory Hound

6. Les Thornton 200

Super Giant Ninja: Shark Boy and Rory Fox

Ryan Clark: Thorton Thatches a Thoo!

Noah Panico: Don’t know him unless I got him confused with #5.

Sam Panico: Man of 1000 rest holds.

Kris Erickson: NWA Jr. champ

Kingdom James: Wasn’t he the junior heavyweight champ for about 1000 years?

Brian Krasman: MSG job guy.

Scotty Metropolis: Google

7. Lazertron_display_image

Super Giant Ninja: Wasn’t he a Guerrero?

Ryan Clark: His move where he put a guys head between his legs (similar to the start of a pile driver or Pedigree) and then jumped up at stomped on the mat, making everything mildly uncomfortable.

Noah Panico: Flip Flop & Fly

Sam Panico: Samples. SAMPLES.

Kris Erickson: Hatched out of an egg

Kingdom James: Poor Hector. This is still a better gimmick than the Gobbledy Gooker. He’s lucky they didn’t make him one of the Ding Dongs.

Brian Krasman: The New Breed

Scotty Metropolis: Is he one of those fucking guys from the future?!

8. wwf-butch-miller-bushwackers

Super Giant Ninja: No idea. I picture a blonde Ernest Miller.


Noah Panico: Ha this one was for me. I think of him as the original tiger mask what else would I think of him as.

Sam Panico: Every kid that he licked got every disease the Fantastics had.

Kris Erickson: The original Tiger Mask.

Kingdom James: Sardines. And barbed wire cage matches against the Fantastics.

Brian Krasman: Well, I’m sure he made a lot of money

Scotty Metropolis: That awesome promo with the terrible drawing when he & Luke Williams were going to “Flush America Down The Toilet!” — Role Tape… I can’t find it either.

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  1. “Trained better guys than he ever was. The Mike Quackenbush of Japan. I still have a CIMA VHS tape. I have no Ultimo Dragon matches.”

    Has got to be the single most retarded thing ever posted on this site.

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