WWE NXT March 14, 2013

Alberto Del Rio is at NXT tonight. Will ge make fun of his brother for being an enhancement guy?

Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman: This is a dream match. And by that, it’s my dream, that Kassius beats the unholy fucking shit out of Derrick Bateman. Bateman strikes me as one of those guys that makes jokes in the ring for the boys in the back and doesn’t care about the fans at all. Not as much beating the fuck out of Derrick as I would like, but it was a good match.

Post-match, Kassius puts Bateman in the Regal Stretch. Regal goes into the ring to stop him from using it and ends up knocking down Kassius with a punch. Regal is incredibly upset with himself for doing this and holy shit, I love this whole angle. This is why I watch wrestling.

Bo Dallas is in the back all wacky eyed and bad promo giving.

We come back and Regal is beyond upset.

Emma vs. Summer Rae: Summer is a great heel. Hopefully, they get her up to the main roster soon. Or not, judging by this match. Horrible ring positioning. Unless she’s supposed to snapmare Emma into the ropes. The finish looked totally fucked up, but at least Paige came out to kill her and there you go.

Adrian Neville talks about his partner getting hurt.

Big E. cuts a promo about defending the NXT title.

Bray Wyatt comes out cutting a promo. He’s taking on his brother, Bo Dallas. Tell you the truth, this was a great match. Bo shouldn’t have won right away, but I have no complaints with the quality of this match. Then again, the Family beat him up after, he makes a comeback and Bray hits his finish on Bo and it looks like this feud will continue.

Justin Gabriel wants a match with Leo Krueger next week.

Ricardo is out and here comes Alberto. Antonio challenges him to a match, but Dusty says, “No, you’re taking on Big E.” People get happy. Antonio gutwrenched Big E., which was crazy. Big E. hits the E Train, Corey Grabes ranin and get knocked out with a second one and then Conor O’Brian ran in and noth heels beat him down. No save. I guess Alberto just went home.

A good week. Here’s hoping next week is, too.

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