Behind the Eightball

Chris asked:

The death of Paul Bearer / Percy Pringle prompted me to take a look
back at the other wrestlers who have died over the past year. I used
this site:
The link for the 2012 list is at the bottom.

1. Who on this list from 2012 / 2013 did you like to watch the most as a fan?

Noah Panico: I only have ever heard of 8 or 9 of these people and honestly I didn’t like or care about any of them. I was shocked to see Gorgeous George died. I thought he was dead in like the 60s.

Sam Panico: The Bishop.

Brian Krasman: The guy from the Mod Squad died? I want to say Rockin’ Rick or El Hijo del Andy Barrow. I never saw either one of them, but I’m sure they’d top my list.

Super Giant Ninja: Buddy Roberts. I’ve elucidated my love and appreciation of Buddy several times already, but I’m going to do it again. My favorite wrestling tropes are the chickenshit heel and the undersized loudmouth. When I was young, I loved Brian Pillman. He embodied both in equal measure and did so with aplomb. When I got a copy of GoodHelmet’s Texas Comp, I fell in love with Buddy Roberts. He was the embodiment of everything I loved about Pillman, but he was a better wrestler, had better matches, and was paired with two of the best talents in wrestling. The Freebirds are my absolute favorite tag team/stable and Buddy plays no small part in that. I love Buddy Roberts and I was legit sad when he passed. The last wrestler I wept over was Larry Sweeney.

Chuck Brody: I sure loved me some Kolossal Kongs in my day.

Scotty Metropolis: Cousin Sleepy’s great step-uncle, Professor Deadsy

Kris Erickson: Emilio Charles Jr.

2. Who on this list for 2012 / 2013 do you think made a lasting impression on the business?

Noah: Gorgeous George.

Sam: The Bishop.

Brian: Obviously not the guy from the Mod Squad.

Super Giant Ninja: Buddy Roberts was in the Freebirds. The Freebirds were the best stable in wrestling history. So, there’s that.

Chuck: The Bishop

Scotty: Didn’t read it, but I’m going with Percy.

Kris: The Bishop

Kingdom asked:

3. Is there any signing that TNA could make that would actually make a
positive impact on their business?

Noah: My brother. The impact would be I would watch TNA on DVR. Still
probably wouldn’t go live but it would make me watch one match.

Sam: The Loch Ness Monster. And not the one from WCW. The real one. I’d love how to see how they could take something people have been wanting to see for years and somehow fuck it up. Because they have done it before.

Brian: Cena or the Rock. Otherwise, no.

Super Giant Ninja: I think they could change business but it would have to be completely outside the pale of both what they would actually do and what they would consider doing. My thought: if Impact Wrestling hired a creative overseer who has some cache. Imagine if they gave control of the company to someone like Quentin Tarantino or JJ Abrams. I mean, obviously, they wouldn’t be interested, but someone with a real fanbase who could have a marquee name. Hell, imagine if Hugh Jackman, who had a blast in the Fed, bought a stake in Impact and was involved in the product. There’s no in ring talent that would change their business. Sorry, but it isn’t going to happen. No indy guy brings enough box office appeal and there are no veterans who still have it. Sure, I’d watch if Alex Wright came back, but I’m not the target audience.

Chuck: Not with the way they book their sports entertainment.

Scotty: Antonio Cessaro

Kris: The Janky Promoters

4. What one match would you most like to book/watch at Wrestlemania if you had control over the WWE roster?

Noah: Sin Cara vs Rey

Sam: I watch it all. I’m a mark.

Brian: Jericho vs. D Bryan just so we get a quality wrestling match. I like there to be at least one really good wrestling match each year that isn’t necessarily a title match, and this card has exactly zero candidates.

Super Giant Ninja: The Shield vs. CIMA, Don Fuji, and SUWA vs. F.I.S.T. vs. TAKA, Dick Togo, and Funaki… If I’m dreaming, I might as well dream weird. Also, the Great Sasuke vs. CM Punk in a ladder match.

Chuck: I’d bring Muta in to do something with someone.

Scotty: Fedor & Vader vs Rocco & Nacho

Kris: Jericho/Rey Jr./Sin Cara vs. Dan Bryan/Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Zigler in a full on trios match.

Sam asked:

5. How excited are you about the Bellas coming back?

Noah: I am excited! But honestly since I FF I didn’t really know they left.

Sam: I hope that two came back and not one.

Brian: So excited.

Super Giant Ninja: ‘They were gone?’ will be the default answer, I bet. Truthfully, I miss them because they are very attractive, but in a world with AJ Lee and my beloved Kaitlyn, they don’t move me anymore.

Chuck: Why not?

Scotty: So excited that nobody will be breaking into my house, due to the cedar-stiff used-towel propped up against my front door.

Kris: It’s cool.

6. What’s your favorite feud of all time?

Noah: Hogan vs the Heenan Family or Dusty vs the Horseman

Sam: Misawa vs. Kawada.

Brian: Horsemen vs. all the NWA babyfaces cira 87-88.

Super Giant Ninja: Von Erichs vs. Freebirds. I suspect everyone knew that.

Chuck: Jim Duggan vs.Ted DiBiase from Mid South. Anything that ends in a tuxedo/cage/coal miners glove match is #1 in my book.

Scotty: Austin v McMahon, Freebirds v Von Erichs, Kobayashi v Chestnut, Fedor v UFC, or maybe Ryu v Ken.

Kris: Vader vs. Sting

7. What food should we eat while we watch the Montreal DVD that Joe Dombrowski made?

Noah: It will be on a Monday so I am leaning towards los cabos or kasabs. I also want Deek to make Queso dip.

Sam: The real question should have been, “What foods will people be eating in this video while Joe talks to them?”

Brian: Ham BBQ

Super Giant Ninja: Wings.

Chuck: Poutine

Scotty: Canadian Bacon, for sure. Because you can always just cheat and use ham.

Kris: Hot sausage sandwiches.

8. Do you think it was wrong using Paul Bearer’s death for an angle?

Noah: Not at all. His gimmick was he was dead so I say get a hologram of him at mania and run with it.

Sam: It’s wrestling.

Brian: No. I’m sure Paul Bearer’s dying thoughts were, “They’re going to turn this into an angle.”

Super Giant Ninja: It was appropriate. Dude loved wrestling. I can’t imagine a more fitting way to honor his memory. Fuck, I hope they play his laugh over the PAs when Taker wins at Mania.

Chuck: I read that his family was fine with it, so it was ok.

Scotty: Yeah. I wasn’t offended, but I think it comes across as cheap & even a little lazy.

Kris: Not at all.

One thought on “Behind the Eightball

  1. Being that my answers didn’t make the cut:

    1) Can you tell wood is back in school? “Please see the attached materials.” Anyway, the only one i knew was Bearer.

    2) See 1.

    3) Paul Heyman as the Executive Booker.

    4) Punk/Bryan. Just give them free reign.

    5) Gives me more that i can FFx5 over, so TOTESEXCITEDOMG!!11!

    6) Earth vs.Soup. (If you get that… I love you)

    7) I have never seen Joe eat food. Ever. So i say we eat nothing.

    8) No, not at all. I can say that, as some of my best friends are dead.

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