Smackdown: I prefer a nice Mole’

Wrestlemania is coming up. For all of the mentions of the HoF and the upcoming matches, it feels like they don’t mention it a lot here. I mean, of the 4 matches announced, only one is attached to Smackdown. I guess they don’t need to promote anything other than Rock vs Cena. That is what they expect will pull the people in. Everything else is just filler to justify the $60 price tag.

Thus, instead of talking about the importance of the Title or even making it about how a Messican has our beloved World Title, we have general race baiting and tom foolery. The skit was amusing, just not all that funny. I think it speaks to the charisma of Rodriguez and del Rio that the skit was watchable at all. Dutch does a good job with Uncle Zeb as well, despite the groan-worthy nature of the angle. It’s not terrible, it just doesn’t seem important.

Team Hell No is back to fighting, but even a fractured Hell No will pick up a win over 3MB. Slater went for a roll up and Bryan used the arm between his legs to sit up and slap on the NO lock. I am surprised they didn’t go with Kane /Bryan for mania. I mean, thy technically still could, but it seems late to pull the trigger on that now. You would think they would pull the titles from them before doing that, but this is the WWE. They don’t book the way you think they would book so you are surprised that they are doing what they do. Logic? Progression? Who needs that when you have SURPRISE!!

Henry and Ryback are going to have a match at mania because they keep running into each other. This is called Kung Fu Movie booking. Until then, Damien San-too late, he lost.

Ziggler gets his shot at del Rio and lost because why would you turn the title this close to mania. I mean, I could see the WWE do that just to shock us, but the issue with not pulling the trigger on that booking is you know they won’t let Ziggler win here. They got to eject Big E and AJ, which always gets a good reaction from the crowd. The match itself was fine. Ziggler should be at the WWE’s top tier at this point. I don’t understand why giving him the biggest female name in years pushed him into second tier of workers, but it did. Ziggler tapped to the arm breaker. AJ got soaked with a bucket of water. Daniel Bryan got to rub it in to his ex, which means hta the WWE wants you to remember the past except for when they don’t.

Mark Henry beat Yoshi Tatsu. Catch. Splat. Video packages. Tamina Snuka gets a win over the Diva’s Champion in a non-title setting. This is how we determine the #1 contender: We show that they can and have beat the champ. Then they don’t. Layla will turn heel again over gold fever.

Sheamus is taking on Big Show. They may as well announce that The Shield will be the ending of the match. Sure enough, there is an impressive “white Noise” on the Big show and “Sierra Hotel India…” comes over the PA and the Shield comes down to beat on Sheamus. Randy Orton comes down and gets beat on as well. Again, Big Shwo is up and Lays out a few Shield members before Sheamus takes a KO punch. Orton sees what is happening and RKO’s Big Show, thus the contra-positive of what happened last time they all faced the Shield. They are gearing up for this 6 man for mania. I would hope they use it to turn Show face and Orton heel, but instead they will probably just have it be the awkward tag team that it will naturally be.

Next week: The same thing, but everyone speaks in an Irish accent!


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