Samurai del Sol is our drawing for the week.


Magnum/Rafaga are wrestling for Bukanas “Dile” against Halcon de Plata/Metatron want to see Komander “abusama del alcohol.” If you have never watched lucha before, you should not start with this match. Noah just yelled, “BUCK ANUS WON!” A nut shot. “Look at this. Look at this! Right in his poop chute!” Everyone should watch lucha with Noah.

Nitro/Disturbio/Tomy Salas are playing for Titanes de Durango “El catre,” while Starman/Mangus/Soberno are fighting for Comillo Norteno’s “El arremangao.” Noah: “Sobreno. That means a year of sobriety. He’s like a chip.” A huge job for the technicos. For some reason, people loved Soberno. But man. They lost bad.

Razael/Cancerbero/Sangre Azteca are playing for Ada Elorza’s “Por que te vas,” while Stuka/Triton/El Gallo are trying to win for Yasmin Gamboa “Simplemente amigos.” “That video is all about lesbianism. Look at it, Sam. Sam. Sam. I hate Sangre Azteca even with a camo hood.” Stuka won when he snuck under a sumbmission for a fall. Then he lanced the fuck out of Cancerberos. Gallo pinned Sangre with the help of Galido.

Niebla Roja/Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero are down with Espinoza Paz “Para no perderte” versus Marco/Maximo/Rush who are wanting to see Horacio Palencia’s “Cuidare de ti.” You could say the technicos won, but we really won by fast forwarding this.

2/16 Guerreros del Ring

Hombre Bala Jr., Starman, Super Halcón Jr. vs Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel

Hombre Bala Jr. has a great hood that’s a split of him and Super Halcon.

1: Super Halcon Jr. submits to Cancerberos and El Signo hits a top rope splash on Starman. Not an exciting first fall.

2: Technicos reverse it up and we switch to 2XFF.

3: Hombre Bala did his rolling apron splash. He will have no knees someday. El Signo gets a submission on Hombre Bala. The Cancerberos get a double submission for the win.

Blue Panther, Delta, Stuka Jr. vs Averno, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis

1: Technicos get the first fall in seconds. Stuka dives onto Averno and the others get quick pins.

2: Okamura gets a powerbomb on Stuka and Vangelis kills Delta’s chance of ever turning his neck properly ever again.

3: Okamura fouls Stuka to set up their big tag hair vs. mask match.

Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis

1: Mije assisted splash puts the rudos up. They made fast forward for Luve Buffet matches.

2: Technicos even it up.

3: There was a great spot here where Kraneo went to do a dive and just died. Of course, Maximo kissed him before it. Psicosis rolled through a cross body and there you go.

CMLL on Fox Desportes 2/17

Oro Jr. & Sensei vs Artillero & Súper Comando

1: Rudos get submissions in the first. Oro Jr. has Oro’s hood, but everyone will think he is trying to be La Sombra.

2: This is why Noah gets Fox Desportes and we pay $10 more a month: to watch opening match lucha guys. Oro does an Asai for a pin and Sensei gets the submission.

3: Oro blew a spot and got powerbombed for the pin. Sensei got a submission to even it up. Sensei did a run up the top into a headscissors armbar for the win.

CMLL’s Reyes del Aire Tournament, Block B

Sangre Azteca, Virus, Angel de Oro, Mephisto, Puma, triton, Diamante, Fuego, Valiente, Psicosis, Niebla Roja, Maximo, Rey Escorpion, Guerrero Maya Jr., Mascara Dorada and Volador Jr. are all in this match.

Guerrero Maya and Psicosis did a great sequence ending with Maya getting sick air off an armdrag. Then, Valiente did the sickest lance, pushing Rey Escorpion into the crowd. A triple technico dive was highlighted by Guerrero Maya doing a headbutt over the top to the floor. Everyone got in the ring to brawl.

Valiente beat Sangre Azteca with two big monkeyflips. Noah was so happy, because he hates Sangre Azteca. Valiente followed this up by almost dying on his run up the ropes.

Guerrero Maya got Virus with a submission for the next elimination. He then decided he wanted to dive into the crowd and wipe out a kid.

Rey Escopion eliminated Angel with a powerbomb. Triton took out Mephisto with a skytwister, hitting him right in the face. The doctors come out and Mephisto looks dead.

Puma took Valiente’s finish, then was pinned by Maximo. Volador and Diablo Roja did the same to Triton. Roja kept it up by pinning Diamante. Psicosis turned an up and over into his finish on Fuego.

Maximo did a nice lance headbutt. Valiente had Volador pinned, but Diabla Rojo stopped the count and he turned around and took Volador’s backcracker for the loss. Mascara Dorada switched it up and hit Psicosis with his own finisher.

Maximo kissed and pinned Diablo Roja. Mije has on a mini Volador outfit and doveright into Mascara Dorada’s waiting arms. Volador rolled through a schoolboy for a backcracker on Maximo. This match has been great so far. Mascara sunsets Rey Escoprion for the elimination. Guerrero Maya got pinned with a guillotine leg drop, one of the worst worked moves ever.

This leaves Mascara Dorada vs. Volador, ending really quickly with a Volador super frankensteiner.

This was a lot better than Block A.

(Thanks to for the match lineups)

Spots of the week:
1. Hombre Bala Jr.’s rolling splash to the floor
2. Guerrero Maya Jr.’s armdrag
3. Valiente KILLING Rey Escorpion with a lance
4. Technicos triple dive: Maya/Dorda/Diamante
5. Guerrero Maya diving into the crowd

Outfits of the week:
1. Hombre Bala Jr.’s split Super Halcon mask and tights
2. Volador’s Tron outfit with split Venom/Super Parka hoodie
3. Mascara Dorada’s gold mask with gold eyes, a change from his normal design

As we always say, watch more lucha!
-Noah and Sam

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