The last two TNA UK Boot Camp episodes

The lads and ladies go to OVW to have some training and some matches.

Rock Star Spud/Party Marty vs. Constantine/Diamond: Marty does a bit of the British matwork, but takes a bad shouldertackle. Spud’s stuff looks too hurried and tentative at the same time. Also: both guys bumping on a shouldertackle is the stuff people do in their first matches.

Spud fucks over Marty on the final tag, yet they still win. They’re a tag team that doesn’t get along. They both belong in TNA.

They then work an Al Snow shoot angle in back.

The Blossom Twins vs. Bynum/Hendrix: Hendrix bumped a lot for these girls and the editing made this look like a good match. I think it probably was.

Doug Williams gave some great advice in back. I think he’d make a really great trainer.

Al Snow’s advice to the girls about being more feminine was sexist and total bullshit.

Now, everyone goes to the Impact Zone for a match. The nice part is everyone doing a promo on the guys and girls on the show.

Next week? The Blossom Twins vs. Madison Rain and Gail Kim. Then, Rockstar Spud vs. Party Marty.

Guess what? Yesterday is here. Or next week.

Magnus introduces us and oh shit brother, Hogan is talking about slamming giants.

We’re kicking off the finals with Spud vs. Marty. We’re also listening to Magnus, Borash, Dixie and Hulk Hogan all talking.

Hogan? Inane. The match? Edited, but it looked good. Marty does an awesome tornado DDT and his death valley driver was good.

Gail Kim and Madison Rain vs. The Blossom Twins: Where are they from?

Hogan’s commentary is exactly like Arnold doing commentary on Total Recall.

Anyways: the girls get cheated.

Hogan gives comments like Nash giving comments on CZW guys’ matches. “You guys look like wrestlers.”

Also, @jazzy_jeff44, thanks for all the commentary on the show.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 11.56.10 PM

Spud wins and totally breaks character by crying.

Everyone gets along. Everyone in England loves each other.

Everyone is going on the UK Lockdown tour, though. Everyone wins.

There you go. British Bootcamp.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews Sam. Do you think the right guy one? Best quote of the series was Spud’s “I’m fighting Marty? For fucks sake”

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