Who wants in our Rumble pool?

And who wants to go to this?

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NOAH: It’s too bad Ryan won’t be going to this, so once again, Shane misses the HOF.

SAM: He should just buy into the $1000 pool, because that has to be more than his payday.


  1. Plan B, if you go, get a drop or send a report.

    Doug, Ryan refused to be part of the HOF this year, outside of nominated Noah and Sam. He was Shane’s only hope.

  2. So last year’s HOF was completley scrapped? I’m a little fuzzy on that whole thing. I just remember a HOF podcast that didn’t actually say who made it and Noah arbitrarily deciding Shane had to give a drop to get in and everyone just went with it. He was an BT8B question for like a year straight! I would argue, at least from a reader’s standpoint, he was more important to the site than some guys nominated. I know you guys don’t care, I’m just sayin’.

    Ryan, what the fuck dude? You should’ve at least got him on the ballot.

  3. Doug –

    You said it yourself: He was voted in last year & Noah made up some bullshit rule to get a rise out of me. It would have been the same thing this year, no matter what promises you read. Thus, I opted not to go through it again. To be honest, I don’t need to: They are still getting material out of the last HoF, as is evidenced by the fact that we are talking about it here.

    So if you can get Shane into the HoF, more power to you. I am no longer involved with eh CtL HoF

    Andy – That is because you love watching dudes suck dick. Just because it’s two guys instead of one doesn’t make it 50% less gay. You are still watching a dude give a blow job.

    Also, Lanny was a wrestler, and I’d hate for you to have to pay attention to something wrestling-related on this site.

    Chicken Little over & out-


  4. Ryan,

    In case you are wondering why it’s so motherfucking cold, Andy wrote about wrestling on the site, causing hell to freeze over.

    Abbadon is wearing a jacket,

  5. Wow! Guess ill just go ahead and delete my review of the Tokyo Dome show [which as just as well since i couldnt live with the embarrasment that I thought Prince Devitt and Lo Ki were in an amazing match].

    COMICS BLAH! back soonish…

  6. When Shane gives a drop he gets in. Other then this content what has Shane given the podcast or the site? Seriously what has he done? And hell I like Shane. Had him for a teacher and he once gave me like 6 cases of Pepsi. Plus he used to pay us when ECW ran here and I will say that’s way better then any other local promoter. So just let me know what else he has done to deserve this reward?
    PS Ryan quits everything so get used to it.

  7. Noah,

    To quote Doug up there, who already answered your question:

    “He was an BT8B question for like a year straight! I would argue, at least from a reader’s standpoint, he was more important to the site than some guys nominated.”

    And i do quit everything. Just last week i quit humpin’ your mom. BOOM!!

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