TNA British Bootcamp week 4

Yes, somehow, I have decided to keep watching this show.

Everyone makes it to Dixie Carter’s office in TNA HQ in Nashville. I think if I were ever there, it would be what hell is like.

Dixie sets the girls up with a hairstylist, then everyone else goes to lunch. Makeovers. That’s what Dixie gives the girls. These girls were teachers and they want to tell their kids that they are wrestlers and not be teachers any more. Huh. England, everyone.

The girls get their hair done and I don’t notice any difference. Because I am a guy. Actually, they might look worse after. Now, Dixie is gonna take everyone to lunch. The Palm is where they go because it…

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 1.48.17 AM

Dixie’s face is on the wall. Cross this one off the Michelin Guide. She then has to teach Marty how to drink wine. I guess they don’t have wine in England. Please note: all I now about England is from Judge Dredd and Monty Python, so imagine. Just imagine.

Dixie yells at Marty for chewing gum. Ken Anderson works for your company.

I am sitting here watching Dixie Carter giving advice to indy wrestlers. I don’t know what can be worse.

There was some really nice editing on the James Storm intro. He takes everyone out for drinks after he bleeds all over the place.

Marty and one of the Blossom Twins kiss at the bar. James Storm gets everyone super fucked up and he’s not even remotely hit. If I hadn’t murdered my stomach with drinking and stress, I would totally drink with James Storm.

Doug Williams and Al Snow at OVW are training the guys. Al Snow acts the asshole to Spud. Doug Williams comes off much better, like a totally great guy that genuinely wants to see everyone do well.

Al Snow teaches the guys how to run the ropes. You know where he should do that? In fucking TNA.

Al Snow vainly tries to win me over by name dropping Tomax and Xamot.

This wasn’t a bad week. I think there is just a week or two to go.

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