To start, I am dying to know what Booker T actually announced to the live crowd that they needed to edit over it in a clumsy a manner as they did. The edits on this show were clumsy in general. In case you missed it, they cut to a match graphic and had a voice over of booker announce the match. So yeah, Rock s here and big show/ Del rio. Being that this is s aWWE show, this summons Big Show, who gets pissed that he is in a match, and del Rio, who comes down to throw some kicks into Big Show’s leg.

Orton gets a shot at Antonio Cesaro. They problem with trying to make yourself off of an Orton match (or a cena match) is: What does it matter if you can do any offense if they can just pop up and not sell shit a few moments later. A dead lift tilt a whirl side slam losses it’s mustard when Orton pops back up in a few minutes and acts like he took no damage. My suggestion to this match would have been to let Cesaro show that he has the better European uppercuts. Let Orton do a few, then let Cesaro answer back and have Randy sell them.

Being that you have champ vs a protected guy, we get a DQ finish with the shield. I kinda feel bad for Tyler Black in this; he is the one who gets lost in the shuffle of the Shield.

Also, it looked like Orton bounced his head off the canvas.

Ziggler and Lee vs Natalya and Khali was as clumsy as you would expect. Finish felt like it came out of nowhere. Apparently, AJ uses a Shiranu now? That move seems very face to me, but then again I only ever seem to see heels use it. Also, her shirt came up and showed her bra and pressed together breasts, which was pleasant. They finish with Big E hitting his finisher on Hornswoggle. Not quite Rey vs Nash, but it got the job done.

I thought the Punk promos were good. Go figure. I am a fan and most people can admit that he can cut a promo. The promo was from Miami U’s new stadium, I guess? Anyway, he points out that this isn’t where the Rock got famous & that place is gone. An intelligent audience would have got the allegory there, but wrestling is for children & retards, so Punk then explains what he meant. The WWE that the Rock dominated isn’t there anymore.

It was smart to keep them separate. Let the talkers talk and remove the threat of an encounter.

They are advertising another “Rock Concert” for RAW. Crap.

The Rock cut a hometown promo. Rhodes Scholars came out. Good use of Rock while keeping it away from Punk. But…If the Rock is there, why not get him to put a little shine on someone? There was an awkward edit in there, I wonder how much time they cut out of that? As long as I am framing the review in the form of a series of questions: If Sandow is so smart, how didn’t he know that the Rock’s finisher was called the Rock Bottom? Why didn’t he just run?

Anyway, good use all around, even if it was predictable. That isn’t a knock. The Rock is a draw because of his predictability. They people know what to chant and when to respond. They love that they know the rock’s routine.

Sheamus brogue kicked Heath Slater. Yep. That was the match. Why drink a gallon of OJ when you can drink a pint of frozen concentrate?

Hell no beat the Prime time players. They need to rotate some tag teams or at least not have Hell no be the only tag match each night. Have the lower teams work up to title shots. A new team or two might not be a bad idea at this point. They are still selling Bryan’s knee. Also, I just noticed that he holds his ears during the pyro, which got a chuckle from me.

ADR came out in a racing Lambo? So… he races? Half a mil car? I feel like that is the kind of thing that can be looked up and proven that AdR doesn’t own it.

I liked the match a lot. Good pacing. The go home spot was new to me. Show charged del Rio with the steps. Del Rio moved/hit his l;eg (I forget which) and the steps went into the ring post and Sbig Show’s head went into the “V” of the steps. Then del Rio kept hitting him with the steps. After the “tape Batista’s legs together,” I guess “Burying Big Show” under a desk is a perfectly reasonable way to win.
AdR wins the title just tin time to get it onto Orton for Mania. Maybe for a mania build, maybe at mania. It feels transitional, especially having the win on Smackdown, but I am glad he gets another run.

Good place to do the title change. Good timing. Good god, they need to work on smoother editing.


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