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Really, Dave #48: Explain please

From the Battleground report on the site: RUSEV VS. JACK SWAGGER

Lana talked forever. Boy are they stalling. She got way less heat than usual. She talked about the news with American propaganda. The mention of Putin got some heat but it was like this audience just wasn’t taking her seriously at all.

She slapped Lana and the match was on.

Who is she? Lana was the only female out there. Did he mean Lana slapped Zeb?

Not much of a match. There were USA chants and We the People chants. Rusev won via count out as Swagger had the Patriot lock on him on the floor. Rusev flipped out of it and Swagger flew into the post and was “knocked out” and Swagger jumped in the ring to win.

Who won the match? He starts the report by saying that Rusev won, yet Swagger got knocked out and then jumped in the ring to win.

Look, you’re THE wrestling site in the world.

Be better than this.

Really, Dave #47: The Meltzer Aside

From the UFC report on the site: “Joe Rogan asked Ronda Rousey if she was willing to fight on August 2nd. She said she needs knee surgery but gave the impression she would do so. Dana White seemed furious that question was asked. I guess we’ll here mor aobut it later. Ronda’s sister looks just like her by the way.”

Ignore the typo. The Observer was made of typos. It’s the Meltzer Aside.

1. Who cares about Ronda’s sister?
2. Of course she looks like her. She’s her fucking sister.

Really, Dave?

Really, Dave #44: Where paragraph 2 hasn’t yet read paragraph 1

“They made the announcement of the participants in this year’s Champion Carnival tournament, which takes place from 4/13 to 4/27, with the finals in Osaka. The A block has Akebono, Suwama, Takao Omori, Kento Miyahara, Osamu Nishimura and Kendo Kashin. The B block has Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki, Joe Doering, Kenso, Yutaka Yoshie and Zeus.

Kashin was at the show and may be joining the promotion.”

Context clue, first paragraph, Dave.

Really, Dave #43: Hedge fund

“In the last month I’ve been contacted by an investment firm and a hedge fund to talk about WWE. It’s become much clearer to me how little many investors know about WWE and how much they’ve been buying the WWE talking points. (Neither company had ever heard of Dave Meltzer. The first thing I tell them is that if they’re serious about understanding wrestling, they should be subscribing.)”

Really, Dave? #42: Mo Better

“Aside from that, it would seem this would be Rusev’s to win, since it’s clear they’ve got plans for him as this year’s version of Vladmir Kozlov, but hopefully turning out more better.”

More better? More-the-fuck-better? Dave, you are the yardstick that every pro wrestling writer is held to… and you allowed the phrase “more better” to get published.