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Sam guests on a podcast

I was on Wrestling with Death, a podcast about stories of wrestling.

“You didn’t let that other guy talk and I’ve heard all those stories before,” said my wife.

You may enjoy it just as much!

Show 94: The CTL Hall of Fame

Who made it into the CTL Hall of Fame? This is your chance to find out. The drama. The spectacle. The majesty. Yes, fans, this is where it all happens. The gathering of the immortals. And whatnot.

You can hear it here:
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Podcast question?

So we are getting close to our 100th episode and I wanted to know if anyone wanted us to post some old podcasts? I have them all so if there is a special one you want posted leave a comment and I will eventually get around to posting that show.

PS for the 100th Episode be prepaired for something magical and spoiler allert it will be in 3D!

Episode 91: Play that Brian Adams song for him again

Welcome to another episode of Counting the Lights. This one has it all. And by having it all, it has Kris Erickson as our guest. We taped this…maybe awhile ago. But still, it’s a fun show. You won’t learn a lot about wrestling, but you will learn a lot about us. Which is how it should be. Ryan Clark is even on this show.

You can listen to it at:
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Episode 90: Royal Rumble recap

We were joined by Chest Flexor, Jason Gory and Michael Façade for this show – post-Rumble and ready to dish the dirt on, well, the Rumble, really.

Please enjoy.

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It’s that’s time of the year!!!

Tomorrow is rumble. For those who know this means the only ppv where the “$teaks are high” plus we are having manwiches. And these are the truth! Plus MAV will be here. And former “gimmick” writer Niño Mattey
(not coming just quoted as a source.)


*%#_CTL exclusive Brian Krasmeng gun shots_ #%*

says we might get a special visitor. You want a clue,Here’s three since wrestling works in threes… Why does wrestling have Masonic undertones?
1. Comenly referred to as “the kid.”
2. He shares the same ulumni as two of the CTL members.
3. Pro wrestlings favorite doctor.

Anyways for those who can’t be here in person we are having some festivities you can still participate in. We have a lotto. It’s 1 credit per number. If your number wins the rumble you get 29 credits. And since all wrestling fans are losers first number out gets his credit back. We also have the insider prop quiz. This costs 1 credit and we will personally call you and get your answers. If you want to participate please pay pal for credits. Put your phone number in the PayPal.

Credits are valued at $5

Episode 89: Kingdom James TV

Kingdom James. Counting the Lights. Everybody’s talking at me, baby. I don’t hear a word they’re saying, only the echoes of my mind. People stopping staring. I can’t see their faces, only the shadows of their eyes.

Harry Nilsson should do a drop for us. Oh, he died in 1994? My bad.

Check out this podcast anyway.

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