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New Japan had a great juniors match [and Im as suprised as you are].

Prince Devitt (c) vs. Low Ki vs… by Jahmale_Hepburn

Ok by all rights i should not like this match. I do not like Prince Devitt and think he has stunk the joint out in his CMLL appearances. I am not a fan of Lo Ki, and in particular Im not a fan of wrestlers dressed as video game characters. Kota Ibushi is OK but he is living on borrowed time with his knees. Also I am not that big a fan of three way matches. I use to be a huge fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling and always watched and enjoyed the big Tokyo Dome Shows. But the last few years New Japan has left me flat, and I was not all that impressed with them…

And then there is this. Something I should not like, but hey Ive watched this half a dozen time and I LOVE THIS MATCH. Yes its all flippy shit and way out there spots, but if are going to do flippy shit, you may as well do all out flippy shit, and thats what you get here. These guys are moving a mile a minute and don’t miss a spot. I dont know that this will get me back to watching New Japan regularly but I think i’ll be rewatching this match some more times. Trust me you want all of this—its the good stuff!