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Mania “prop” Update

Time to put your wrestling knowledge to the test. It’s a PPV so you know it’s $5 to play. Winner get$ bragging right$… So far only Jeff is participating remotely. PayPal me and put your phone number we will call you Sunday. So far it’s matches and these props.
1. new feature pick the match order. You will be challenged to not only pick the winner but pick what match number it will be on the show.
2. Who legend will be there.
3. What star will be seen at ringside.
4. CTL approved best of’s. (botch, worker, match, etc.)

And more to come.

be a meng, put $ in my hand

Podcast question?

So we are getting close to our 100th episode and I wanted to know if anyone wanted us to post some old podcasts? I have them all so if there is a special one you want posted leave a comment and I will eventually get around to posting that show.

PS for the 100th Episode be prepaired for something magical and spoiler allert it will be in 3D!

It’s that’s time of the year!!!

Tomorrow is rumble. For those who know this means the only ppv where the “$teaks are high” plus we are having manwiches. And these are the truth! Plus MAV will be here. And former “gimmick” writer NiƱo Mattey
(not coming just quoted as a source.)


*%#_CTL exclusive Brian Krasmeng gun shots_ #%*

says we might get a special visitor. You want a clue,Here’s three since wrestling works in threes… Why does wrestling have Masonic undertones?
1. Comenly referred to as “the kid.”
2. He shares the same ulumni as two of the CTL members.
3. Pro wrestlings favorite doctor.

Anyways for those who can’t be here in person we are having some festivities you can still participate in. We have a lotto. It’s 1 credit per number. If your number wins the rumble you get 29 credits. And since all wrestling fans are losers first number out gets his credit back. We also have the insider prop quiz. This costs 1 credit and we will personally call you and get your answers. If you want to participate please pay pal for credits. Put your phone number in the PayPal.

Credits are valued at $5